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N1: raw water, N2: aerated water, N3: compressed air, N4: vent valve connector, M1, M2: revisory manhole


1. It is possible to produce a mixer with the aerated water outlet connector placed in the bottom head.



Dynamic central hydropneumatic standing mixers are used for treated water aerating in order to facilitate precipitation of iron compounds. The mixers are necessary element of water treatment system. They are to be used in collaboration with a filter (eg. an iron remover) or a set of filters in cold water systems at maximum permissible pressure PS=6bar and max permissible temperature TS=20°C.
In relation to traditional cascade mixers they have big productivity at small building surface. They are most often used when the building surface possibilities are limited. The flange connection which is used on the jacket makes them easy-to-operate and exploit - especially when cleaning is concerned.



All the basic mixer elements (jacket, dished heads, connectors, etc) are made of low-carbon steel. The screens which separate the mixing space of water with air from the so called holding space are made of stainless steel. The construction allows to run the full internal revision thanks to the flange connection on the tank's jacket. In order to obtain the high degree of intermixing water with air the dynamic mixers are filled with Białecki rings (dashed surface on the mixers draft). The mean holding time for dynamic central mixers is about 20-30s.
The tank is internaly protected against to corrosion with "BRANTHO-KORRUX" paint with PZH certificate for contact with drinking water. Additionally the tank can be externaly painted with chlorinated rubber, polyvinyl or other paint in any colour. There is also a possibility to produce a mixer in a galvanized version.





 Nominal diameter

DN [mm]


V [m³]

 Total height


 Jackets height


 Mixing area height

h1 [mm]

Distance between the base and "A" connectors' flange

h2 [mm]

Distance from the base to connector arbor 

h3 [mm]

Connectors' diameter

dn [mm]

Approximate amount of
Białecki rings


 Recommended productivity




ARD 1 500 0,30 2340 1350 750 450 1900 100 0,150 20-30 195
ARD 2 600 0,52 2350 1350 750 370 1890 150 0,250 30-45 261
ARD 3 800 1,25 3060 2000 1250 380 2500 150 0,625 75-110 507
ARD 4 900 1,50 3138 2000 1250 400 2560 150 0,800 90-135 511
ARD 5 1000 1,80 3270 2000 1250 450 2600 200 1,000 110-160 801
Note: Mixers of bigger diameters and capacity are produced acc. to individual arrangements. For the given parameters the tolerance shall be taken acc. to the existing rules.